Getting started with Self Custody - NFTs and Cryptocurrency for Beginners

Start your journey into crypto knowing you are using self-custody and be introduced to the world of NFTs

Course Summary

Are you interested in getting started with NFTs but not sure where to begin? Are you ready to take control of your own cryptocurrency assets and secure them in a self-custodied wallet?

Our "NFTs and Cryptocurrency for Beginners: Getting Started with Self Custody" course is the perfect way to learn about the world of NFTs, and how to get started with your own non-custodial wallet.
In this free online course, we will guide you through the basics of self-custody and why it is so important in the world of cryptocurrency. You will learn about the risks associated with using and not using self-custody, and the differences between custodial and non-custodial systems.  We will also cover the basics of public and private keys, wallets, and how to select the right wallet for you.

You will learn about the importance of keeping your seed phrase safe and the tools you can use to track your digital assets.  In addition, we will dive into the exciting world of non-fungible tokens and give you tips on how to store and manage your NFTs.

By the end of the course, you will have a solid understanding of self-custody and the basics of managing your NFTs.  Join us for NFT and Crypto for beginners and take the first steps towards mastering the world of self-custody and digital assets.

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  • Free - Getting started with self custody
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    Learn the basics of self custody, NFTs, and cryptocurrency, and take control of your own assets with a non-custodial wallet


Niamh Aughney

NFT Artist & Advisor.

Otherwise known as "irishnftgal" in Web 3. Educator & Community Builder for Historical NFT Projects. Onboards artists into Web 3 to become easily accustomed to decentralisation.

Paula Guilfoyle

After over 10 years in Accounting and Operations Paula turned her career to subject matter expert, consultant, content creation and online education. In 2010 Paula began teaching online and can now boast over 250K students in 186 different countries. In 2016 Paula began her learning journey around Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. By 2022 Paula pivoted her consultancy, content creation and online education to focus on Blockchain, Web3 and Digital Assets.