Web3 Barriers to Entry

On web2, there are more content consumers than creators. On web3, there are more creators than consumers. This is the tied web3 needs to turn

The internet as we know it survives or should I say thrives because of you and me. The content consumer, which most of us are. And the content creator that provides the blogs, the videos, and everything we consume online. And at some point, we all had to learn to use it. There are more consumers than creators in web2. This is a tied we need to turn in web3.

Right now, there are more creators than consumers in web3. For web3 to become as successful as the web that we currently know and use, the normal web user must feel comfortable and confident using it. But there are some basic barriers to entry for these everyday users.

Web3 Barriers to Entry

The first problem is awareness. Many people don’t know what web3 is, let alone what it can offer or how it can benefit us.

The second problem is literacy skills, a basic understanding of the general terms used scares people off. How often have people looked at you funny when you dropped some crypto lingo into a conversation?

The third problem is technical know-how. Web3 is still new, and the UX and UIs need so much work. This poor experience leads to fear and frustration and the idea that it is too complicated. Right now, to use web3, consumers and creators still need technical guidance and so education is required.

Help raise Awareness

Everyone can help raise awareness, but I'm going to throw a curve ball at you now. Web3 is linked to cryptocurrency and people often turn into crazy gamblers when they enter the space. And when it goes wrong, they will blame you. funny as it might seem, just trust me, if you are the one to explain it all to them, they will most likely start asking you what to buy, and that is where things go wrong.

I am not saying, don't try to help people, without help and support, and education, we won't get the mindset shift needed for mass adoption. Everyone knows a friend's referral and good words about a product mean more than a google ad. Just remember, cryptocurrency is only one part of web3, and that's what you should explain to people.

Addressing the Issues

At these early stages of development, education is the key. A quick search on Google will find you plenty of training and courses available for Developers and even Cryptocurrency traders. But not so much for the web3 everyday user.

Funded by the Solana Foundation, we are addressing this issue with a free course. The aim of this course is to give users the skills needed to navigate and participate in web3 and use blockchain applications. it's a course focused on the everyday user and involves no coding or cryptocurrency trading.  It just explains the main terms and concepts giving the learner the literacy skills needed right now. And shows you how to get set up and running and interact with web3.

This free course comes with a monthly draw for an NFT. This NFT is a DeFi NFT so it's worth winning and holding onto for a rainy day.

Right now, you can access this course on Udemy and on Skillshare and we will soon have it on other platforms too.

So, if you do know people using web2 that could gain from using web3, then send them the links to this course and help raise awareness and adoption that way.

Udemy – Explore the course now - Navigating and Using Web3 – Blockchain for everyday users

Skillshare – Explore the course now - Navigating and Using Web3 – Blockchain for everyday users

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