Everything a cryptocurrency holder needs to track a small portfolio and plan a strategy to exit the market with planned profits.

This Free Excel Cryptocurrency tracker and Exit Strategy Planner has been downloaded over 100,000 times.  Download your free copy below.

Excel Cryptocurrency Tracker Features

Privacy and Security

There are numerous Cryptocurrency trackers available, but most of them require you to connect your wallet and provide your email address. However, it is important to be cautious as providing your personal information could result in your data being collected and utilized in various ways. Additionally, connecting your wallet to an email address may pose privacy concerns. With our excel cryptocurrency tracker, there is no need to connect your wallet or share any data online.

The only online connection present in this workbook is a public API connection that solely retrieves current pricing information. Therefore, you can rest assured that your personal information remains secure and confidential.  There is also VBA codes present in this file. 

Personalized Settings

This cryptocurrency tracker offers customization options for various features, including the reporting currency, buy-back drop, and pop notifications.

The buy-back drop feature allows you to set a specific percentage price drop on a coin that you have previously sold, providing you with potential buy-back opportunities.

On the other hand, the pop notification feature enables you to specify a daily percentage increase on a coin. If the coin's value increases by the designated percentage within a day, you will be notified accordingly

Interactive Dashboard

With our interactive dashboard, you have the ability to filter the charts based on various token holdings. This dashboard showcases the best and worst performers, providing a snapshot of your total investment holding versus the current price, and also tracks your unrealized profit/loss.

In addition to monitoring the financial performance of each token held, the dashboard conveniently presents information on profits taken and tracks how you are doing against your profit-taking strategy 

Easy to record Purchases and Sales Sheet

In order to maintain an updated portfolio, you can record your sales, swaps, and purchases of cryptocurrencies in a convenient worksheet. This will ensure that your dashboard remains current and accurately calculates various balances

Crypto Profit Strategy Planner

Our Profit Taking Strategy Planner, also known as an Exit Strategy Planner, empowers you to establish profit taking levels and receive notifications on the dashboard once these levels are achieved. This feature enables you to execute your plan effectively.

One valuable insight gained from our community during the previous bull run was the importance of having an exit strategy and adhering to it diligently..

Easy Navigation and Additional Features

This cryptocurrency tracker is easy to navigate an includes other features such as the multiplier calculator, and notifications for actions to take.

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