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We have curated the finest offers on Cryptocurrency Wallets, cryptocurrency tax trackers, and beyond. These links are affiliate links with exclusive discounts. By utilizing our links, you are backing our endeavors in delivering education and organizing meetups in the web3, blockchain, and cryptocurrency domain.

Cryptocurrency Wallets

Hardware wallets play a crucial role in ensuring security and safety in the Crypto or NFT space. If you find yourself uncertain about self-custody, we highly recommend exploring our free course titled "Getting Started with Self Custody - NFTs and Cryptocurrency for beginners"  . It is important for everyone to possess a hardware wallet, and we have provided links below for Ledger Wallet and SecuX for your convenience

Ledger Hardware Wallets

SecuX Cold Storage Options

Cryptocurrency Tax Tracker

Keeping track of your cryptocurrency transactions for tax purposes is an important responsibility. It ensures that you are compliant with tax regulations and helps you accurately report your earnings. To make this process easier, you can use Koinly, a platform that allows you to track your transactions and calculate your tax liability. With Koinly, you can easily import your transaction data from various exchanges and wallets, and the platform will automatically categorize your transactions. It supports multiple cryptocurrencies and provides accurate tax reports based on your transaction history. By using Koinly, you can save time and effort in manually calculating your tax liability. To access Koinly and start tracking your transactions, you can visit their website directly with this link: Koinly