Web3 learning


Introduction: "A Block of Crypto" aims to make Web3 and crypto as simple as ABC. Our mission is to onboard and retain users in Web3 by providing education and a community space, ultimately increasing economic freedom worldwide. To achieve this, we seek to partner with leading organizations across various sectors to offer educational content and engaging missions.

Educational Partnership Package: We offer branded educational bites and missions, webinars, and certification programs tailored to the needs of financial institutions, payment processors, educational institutions, and blockchain foundations. These partnerships position your organization as a leader in the digital economy, provide valuable educational resources to your audience, and enhance community engagement.  User Onboarding and Engagement Package: Crypto exchanges, wallet providers, and Dapp owners can benefit from customized platform-specific missions, reward programs, and detailed user engagement insights. These packages are designed to enhance user onboarding, increase retention, and provide valuable data for continuous improvement.  Developer and Technical Training Package: Blockchain infrastructure providers and Web3 development platforms can leverage our technical bites and missions, co-hosted hackathons, and developer certifications to train and engage their developer communities. These partnerships ensure that developers are well-equipped to build and deploy on your platform.  NFT and DeFi Engagement Package: NFT platforms and DeFi projects can educate users on the fundamentals of NFTs and DeFi through our specialized content. Interactive missions, verification, and credentialing services, along with special events, enhance user engagement and promote deeper understanding of these cutting-edge technologies.

For all of your Web3, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Digital Asset Content needs

  • We can provide quality, professional, educational content for all use cases.  Contact us on the form below and lets discuss your needs.
  • Social media Content Strategy and Management
  • Twitter Threads, LinkedIn Articles
  • Long and short form technical and explainer articles and blog posts
  • Explainer and demonstration videos
  • Bespoke training material
  • Learn and Earn educational content and campaigns
  • Bespoke workshops
  • Bespoke online courses and training
  • Whitelist Educational Campaigns
  • Gamified Learning Content
  • Brand Content Strategy and Management
  • Licensed training material