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Ignite your influence and fuel your expertise in the dynamic world of web3, crypto, and blockchain as a meetup host with A Block of Crypto Global. Join our movement, connect with industry leaders, and amplify your network through engaging events and meaningful connections. Shape the future of technology and finance while leaving a lasting impact on the web3 ecosystem.

As a meetup host, you'll receive comprehensive support, access to our brand assets, and guidance from our experienced team. Monetize your expertise, secure sponsorships, and unlock new opportunities in this groundbreaking industry. Seize the chance to become a recognized leader and influential figure in the web3 space. Start your journey as a meetup host with A Block of Crypto Global today.

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Why Become a Meetup Host?

  • Amplify Your Influence: Establish yourself as a leader and influencer in the dynamic web3 industry. 
  • Expand Your Network: Connect with like-minded individuals, industry experts, and potential partners.
  •  Build Your Brand: Leverage our established brand assets and global reach to boost your personal brand. 
  • Monetization Opportunities: Unlock various revenue streams, including sponsorships, partnerships, and courses.

A Block of Crypto Global Advantage

  • Established Platform: Benefit from our two years of successful meetup experience and our growing member community. 
  • Brand Assets: Gain access to our website, social media channels, and meetup management tools to effortlessly host online meetups.
  •  Mentorship and Training: Learn from experienced leaders in the web3 space through training sessions and networking opportunities with fellow meetup hosts. 
  • Autonomy with Support: Enjoy the freedom to organize and manage your meetups within guidelines while receiving guidance from our dedicated team. 
  • Income Opportunities: We have a wide range of income opportunities generated at a Global level.

Unlock Your Earnings Potential

Monetize your passion for web3, crypto, and blockchain.

  • Local Sponsorships: Secure sponsorships for your meetups, allowing you to cover expenses and potentially earn additional revenue.
  •  Global Partnerships: Benefit from our network of global partners and sponsorships, which may provide financial support for your meetup activities. 
  • NFT Sales: Showcase your uniqueness by selling exclusive supporter NFTs to your community, managed and hosted by A Block of Crypto Global. 
  • Crypto Bites Sponsorships: Collaborate with leading organizations to offer short learning courses translated into various languages, earning income from translation services. 
  • Premium Cohort-Based Expert Track: Monetize your expertise by delivering premium courses to a select group of enthusiasts, supported by our learning system.

Ready to Make Your Mark?

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  • Be part of a vibrant and passionate community dedicated to shaping the future of web3. 
  • Tap into our resources, brand assets, and extensive network to amplify your impact. 
  • Enjoy the freedom to grow, lead, and connect while leveraging our proven platform. 
  • Embrace the potential for personal and financial growth in the ever-evolving world of crypto and blockchain.

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