$LRN - a BRC-20 Token issued on Bitcoin.

The purpose of $LRN is one of Social Impact and Education.

Through $LRN, we aim to teach you about Bitcoin and its utility while also giving you the chance to own a unique piece of history on the Bitcoin Blockchain.

By participating in $LRN, you'll not only learn about the workings of Bitcoin but also understand how it can bring about positive social change.

Additionally, by owning $LRN tokens, you become a part of the larger Bitcoin community and contribute to the growth and development of this revolutionary technology.

Through educational resources, meetups, and interactive programs, we strive to help individuals gain a comprehensive understanding of Bitcoin, Blockchain, Web3 and its potential applications.

Our aim is to empower individuals to make informed decisions, explore new entrepreneurial opportunities, and drive positive change through the use of cryptocurrency.

Join us in our mission to promote social impact, education, and the adoption of Bitcoin. Let's build a future where everyone has the knowledge and ability to benefit from this groundbreaking technology

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How to Claim your FREE $LRN Mint


Set up a bitcoin wallet that supports BRC20 tokens

For this example, we are going to use the Unisat wallet. This is a bitcoin wallet; however, you can use any bitcoin wallet that is compatible with BRC20 tokens.

You can download the UniSat Wallet for your browser and it works very much like MetaMask. You can download the wallet with this link.

When you set up the wallet, make sure you take all the necessary precautions to keep it secure. Write down your seed phrase and keep it safe. Use strong and secure passwords and follow all the best practices we advise in our free course Getting Started with Self Custody.


Fund Wallet and Navigate to the $LRN mint page on UniSat

Once you have your wallet set up, you can go ahead and fund the wallet. You can do this by buying bitcoin on any exchange and then withdrawing it to your UniSat Wallet. Please ask in our telegram if you are unsure on how to do this.


Connect your wallet to UniSat

Once you have connected your wallet, select Mint Directly.


Prepare For Mint

Ensure the Mint option is selected, and the Tick is $LRN.  Each mint will give you 100 $LRN tokens.  You can mint more by increasing the Repeat Mint.  2 will give you 200 $LRN and 10 will give you 1000 $LRN.

Select Next
You must now confirm the BRC-20 token and select Next.


Confirm or Enter the wallet receiving address

If you have signed in with your wallet, the address of the signing wallet will be in the address field. If you want these tokens to be minted to a different wallet, then enter the bitcoin wallet address.


Select the network fee

It is not recommended to select Economy as when the network is busy, your transaction fees might not be high enough and the transaction might fail.  In this case you will lose your fees and not get any $LRN.

Once you have selected the network fee, a cost breakdown will be provided.  Remember the $LRN token is free, so the total fees to mint 100 $LRN at the time of writing is $5.41.   You must agree to the risk warning before you can Submit and Pay Invoice 


Pay with Wallet

Select Pay with Wallet, Confirm the payment with your wallet, then you will see the payment results and you can start Inscribing. Once the inscription is complete you will see the $LRN tokens in your wallet.


You now own a piece of Bitcoin History

Get Involved

$LRN Roadmap

Launch $LRN

The  $LRN token launches in Feb24, however it has been available to mint for some months before this.  .

Produce more Bitcoin Related Learning Content

A Block of Crypto will continue to produce learning content about Bitcoin and more

Awareness Campaign

A Block of Crypto and any interested community members will promote the $LRN token and along with educational content that helps onboard users to bitcoin and web3.

$LRN to the Moon

This might be wishful thinking and we for sure promise nothing.  however $LRN is a social good token and you never know in crypto.

Community Takeover

$LRN is a fully fair mint BRC20 token on Bitcoin.  The community can work together to market and promote $LRN and encourage others to teach about Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and web3.