An introduction to Cryptocurrency and Estate planning

An Introduction to Crypto Estate Planning

Financial Planning: Learn how to plan to protect your Cryptocurrency, should the worst happen

Course Summary

Are you looking for a brief overview of how cryptocurrency intersects with estate planning in just 20 minutes?

Starting with the basics of cryptocurrency, we can cover topics such as:
 - The importance of including digital assets in estate plans
 - The potential challenges heirs may face in accessing and managing cryptocurrency holdings after the owner's passing
 - Strategies for securely passing on cryptocurrency wealth to beneficiaries.
 - How to begin creating a catalogue of all of your Crypto assets and NFTs

Additionally, we'll touch on the significance of having a comprehensive "Death plan"  in place to ensure that your digital assets are protected and distributed according to your wishes should the worst happen.

So let's delve into this fascinating intersection of finance and estate planning in our 20-minute crash course!

Course Curriculum

Simon Dyer

Charlotte Challis

Team Leader

Great and easy to understand course.  Full of practical and valuable tips and guidance for anyone who is concerned about their Cryptocurrency if they were to die. I feel a lot more confident in my planning. Thank you!!

Course Pricing

An introduction to Cryptocurrency Estate Planning


  • A 20 Crypto Bite on the basics of planning your Crypto Estate should you die or be mentally incapacitated